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New version of the converter is ready for testing. It adds support of a large number of fields and conforms to the VCARD 3.0 standard.

You can find it here:

You can now find it here:

I will leave this old version here for now, if anyone still needs it.

Param Description
h or –help displays the usage menu
-i filename input file (required parameter)
-o filename output file (require parameter)
-d [comma|tab|semicolon] delimiter to use in the output, tab is default
-q double quote the output values

python ./ -i vcfFile.vcf -o ~/csvFile.csv -d comma -q

[download id=”1″]

Latest updates:

Latest updates:



  • Hessy says:


  • hakan yaman says:

    Dear Peter,
    I will need your help and advice. I’ve been using Sonyericsson phones for long years. I always transferred my vcf phone book directly to my new phones. But now I have a Nokia phone and I cant convert all my phone book to csv. The problem is that in my address book one person some times has 3-4 mobile numbers. When I convert this vcf it only converts some of my numbers not all. What do you think I should do? If you can write to me your advice I would be very happy. Thanks a lot.

  • admin says:

    Hello Hakan,

    Google Contacts allows you to merge multiple contacts into one. You could in theory export to CSV, import the CSV into Google Contacts/GMail and merge the multiples that way.
    Your other option is to send me a sample of the input file and perhaps I can find a way to merge multiple similar records into one in some way.

    Let me know how it all works out for you.

  • Chirag says:

    Hi there…can you please help me? I’m not able to convert vCards from Address Book to transfer to a Nokia 8910i phone.. I’ve tried other CSV converters but once I send the file to my phone, it says “not supported by the phone”. Are there different versions of CSV files?
    I couldn’t figure out how am I suppose to use the above thing. When I download it, Terminal opens up showing “missing required parameters”
    Thank you…

  • admin says:

    Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the details of the import file required by the 8910i. There’s a possibility they require a different delimiter or something. To use my converter you would type in a command like this:

    python ./ -i {input file name} -i {output file name}

    Can you tell me how you are executing it?

  • joni Mueller says:

    Great; saved my bacon when I had over 100 VCF v-cards my boss wanted dumped into excel!! Notice your surname. Srbin? Pozdrav!


  • vv says:


  • dragon61 says:

    Hi how to type command python ./ -i {input file name} -i {output file name} ?

    the file where i put eg c:\

  • Alan says:

    I couldn’t figure out–it doesn’t do Address/City/State/Zip/Country, or I did something wrong?

  • bill says:

    tried it with nokia contacts vcf file – no good.

  • admin says:

    Bill and Alan, if you can send me a file I will try to make it work. Use the contact form please.

  • Mario says:


    I’m trying to convert contacts from the Motorola RAZR V6 to the LG KP202. This is what happens :

    root@marietto2009:/home/marietto/Scrivania/LG# python ./ -i Contacts.vcf -o contacts.csv -d -q
    converting Contacts.vcf > contacts.csv (tab delimited)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 188, in
    File “./”, line 184, in main
    VCFToCSVConverter( input_file, output_file, delimiter, quote )
    File “./”, line 139, in __init__
    File “./”, line 45, in __parseFile
    self.__parseLine( theLine )
    File “./”, line 63, in __parseLine
    self.__processLine( theLine.split(“:”) )
    File “./”, line 71, in __processLine
    self.__process_phone( pieces[0].split(“;”)[1], pieces[1] )
    IndexError: list index out of range

  • Marsha says:

    hello, my name is Marsha, I have 1441 emails in Address book my vcf vcards are all in groups A B C D etc. each group belonging to different places. and I am getting ready to upload them into a bulk mail program. They use a cvs format I can change each of them individually no problem, I need some way to do this quickly, any ideas???
    hopefully my casket is finished before I am..

  • Tan says:

    File does not exist :( I guess I need to cook my own script

  • admin says:

    Oops. Fixed.

  • admin says:

    You should probably look at the newer version on google docs, anyways:

  • seagolfer says:

    I tried to convert about 200 vcf cards from my n900, but I get this error and no output:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “./”, line 467, in
    File “./”, line 463, in main
    VcfToCsvConverter(options.input_file, options.input_path, options.output_file, delimiter, options.quote, options.trace, options.verbose)
    File “./”, line 413, in __init__
    File “./”, line 107, in __parseFile
    File “./”, line 124, in __parseLine
    File “./”, line 220, in __processLine
    self.__processAddress(pre, pieces[1])
    File “./”, line 318, in __processAddress
    (a,addressTypes) = pre[1].split(“=”);
    IndexError: list index out of range

    If you need any more info please let me know.

  • Alyssa says:

    Will this support a conversion of Palm desktop contacts to Google (for my new Android phone)? I have not found a solution and really hope this is it!

    thank you

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  • Michael says:

    I’m trying to convert a Skype vcf contacts file to csv. I’m just trying to pull the Skype display names and phone numbers out. I get the same IndexError: list index out of range as SeaGolfer.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • admin says:

    As a general note, to process any random field, you should be able to add an “else if” statement to the end of the giant “if…else” statement in __processLine.

    elif pre[0] == ‘X-SKYPE-DISPLAYNAME’:
    self.__processSingleValue(‘ORGANIZATION’, pre, pieces[1])

    In this case “X-SKYPE-DISPLAYNAME” is the source field, and “ORGANIZATION” is the destination field.

    Some fields that require more logic, such as phone numbers may require a bit more/different logic, such as adding this “else if”

    elif pre[0] == ‘X-SKYPE-PSTNNUMBER’:
    self.__processTelephone(pre, [pieces[1]])

  • Peter Briscoe says:

    Hi Peter,
    Keen to use your convertor, downloaded it but can you give me some brief details on how to use it.

  • admin says:

    Make sure you have python installed. Then from the command line, execute something like this:

    python ./ -i {vcfFile.vcf} -o {csvFile.csv} -d comma -q

    of course replace {vcfFile.vcf} with the path & name of the VCF file and {csvFile.csv} with the path & name of the file you’d like to get.

  • PJBeee says:

    A glitch in SmarterMail had it importing only ONE record from my GroupWise vcard file, so I needed something to convert the .vcf to .csv.

    This seems to have worked perfectly! Had vcard 2.1 file – v3 of your program gave a warning about the version number of the old file, but looks like it converted things fine. The earlier one worked great.

    I created a batch file so that I could run from the command line and just feed it the name of the input file, with the same name for the output file (with csv extension of course).

    ** I renamed the program ( to just **

    Here’s the contents of my batch file if anyone is interested – I just put the vcf file into the Python27 folder, and ran my batch from the command prompt in the Python folder in Windows (XP Pro x86):

    python ./ -i %1.vcf -o %1.csv -d comma -q

    And then you run it thusly: {batch-file name} {vcf-file name} [Enter]

    Other info: used Python 2.7, installed in default folder (c:\python27)

    Piece of cake to use.


  • Admin says:

    Try this Windows version of VCF to CSV Converter from

  • Sandy says:

    Can this Script be included in a symbian C++ code? will it work?

  • T.T. Adom says:

    Yes! VCF to CSV conversion over MS Outlook is easy. Go here:

    File >> Import & Export > Export a File >> Comma Separated Values (CSV) >> Provide Display Name >> Select Contacts Folder >> and proceed further.

    Its not enough, you may also try this vCard converter tool for automate conversion process.

  • toni says:

    I can not find the solution for the field “Skype” in OS X 10.7.4.

    The field in the file “name_file.vcf” is:


    Do you have a solution?

    One more question, you can export multiple “URL”?

    Thanks and sorry for my GooglEnglish

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  • Anonymous says:

    Is this a MAC only application? I’m a PC user and need to import 1000+ vcf’s into outlook. This file type is unrecognized by my PC. Instructions to use??? Help!?! Thanks!

  • admin says:

    It can definitely work on Windows. All you need is Python (

  • Satheesh says:

    i Have 1340 Contacts in Pc, How Can import that into Outlook,

  • hassan says:

    I have 2500 contacts on my pc in vcf format but my nokia 6500c cant access them and keeps telling me format not suported help urgently cant use my contacts….hassan

  • Satya says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your program.
    My vcf file uses VARD 2.1 format, Can you please help to convert this.

    With this program, I am getting WARNING in the first column of csv as “Unexpected VCARD version: 2.1.”. And names are not getting listed, but phone numbers are shown.

  • admin says:


    I looks like the FN tags is the same for VCARD 2.1 and 3.0. It should work. Can you share a record from your file?

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